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Rest In Peace BiBi We admirer you We <3 you !!

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About Me

Martyr of Democracy

This is an dedicated tumblog for the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. ( born 21st,June,1953- died 27,December,2007) My ideal,My leader,My inspiration. A noble lady with humble heart, she is totally brave in performing her opinion whether different with majority. she stood till the last breath of her touched the world. May Allah SWT be with her always. May her spirit could touch and be touch by other ladies and also gentlemen to struggled what deserved to be struggled. Bibi you're a worthy Lady to be missed. We ♥ you !
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Favorite Quote

If My father had lived. Perhaps, I would chose different life for myself most stable life but his assassination in the hands of military dictator convince me to i had to fight for his ideas, for liberal and democratic Pakistan and i have plunged into this new world of politics, at the very young age, of-course, i have learnt a lot climbing up the alliances than but it was totally new world for me.

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